MSA Phase 2: University of Contoso web app

The second of the MSA projects we had to complete in roughly 4 days, the University of Contoso scenario was made to have us demonstrate the use of ASP.NET/C# to create a simple web app as part of our learning. Like the Phase 1 project - ASP server-side code was completely new to me, though C# is pretty easy to grasp and ASP is neatly tied together that it wasn't as hard as I thought.

At this point, we had a few bootcamp sessions already, but the scenario brief didn't have much apart from basic requirements for the hypothetical "University of Contoso" institution. (I just love how Microsoft loves using Contoso.) We were left to design the backend and frontend however we saw fit.

Practically everything was custom coded: backend, frontend, styles and even the logo :P
I didn't go with using any MVC frameworks, instead I opted to write my own basic single page web app code (in TypeScript) which was much faster because I didn't need to worry about [insert-library-here] intricacies. It's even responsive - which I don't think was actually called for in the requirements but I might as well have added it in.

To view the web app, go to uc.nya.nz.

It may take a minute for Azure to warm up after a bit of idle time.
You will need to register, but note that because it was made for demonstration purposes, please do not enter sensitive information. Security was not considered to any great length.
You do not need to enter a valid email: any garbage address will do.

You can also view the presentation [PDF] (November 2015) given to a small panel of MSA judges.

Here are some shots of the ManifoldJS version (basically a web view wrapper to make it "native"):