.NET Binary: XML Data with SOAP

Rudimentary JavaScript parser for SOAP messages transmitted in .NET Binary. Based on Microsoft Open Specifications Documentation documents: MC-NBFX (6.0), MC-NBFS (4.0).

See code on GitHub.

Wrote this over 5 days in TypeScript around the New Year 2016 period; I was working with a project that ported an WCF consuming application that talked to a server configured to communicate SOAP messages only in NBFX binary format. I stopped because we decided it was probably better to just reconfigure the server to use text XML that could be fed into a browser's native DOM/XML parser.

Code's a bit crummy inside but it works surprisingly robustly with a couple hundred KB of raw data (though the unoptimised JS is slow with such large inputs...) I thought it might be of interest to someone in the same position as I was in porting applications using WCF in the NBFX format.


Enter base64 encoded raw data: (Note large input may slow/crash browser)